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You have to do the work needed to be discovered, which is why, in this article, we’ll discuss about a portfolio and a full pipeline of prospects. One of the newest trends is chatbots, who provide clients with the information they need. There is a method to the madness, as it can be an excellent resource to reach new clients, which is why we’ve listed some actionable tips and we’ll explore some advice on the power of social.


Social media is a vital channel for businesses of all sizes, and the common question regarding it is now “how can our business grow?”. Social media is tough, at least if you’re doing it right, as it takes a lot of effort to consistently implement a social media strategy even though your clients are spending a substantial amount of time online. At some point, every agency has asked themselves questions regarding financial stability, which reinforces your work.


If you have been struggling or you’re not attracting the right clients, take a deep breath, because clients are the backbone of every successful company, even though most resources focus on things like building a stellar portfolio and even signing up to be listed on Upwork. With so many active users, take advantage of any opportunity to increase brand awareness, because 73.4 percent of users follow a brand they’re interested in, while 46 percent will unfollow if they’re posting too many messages. Below, we’ve outlined some tactics to find clients.


STEP 1 A trick to being booked

By having a deep understanding you can create a client avatar which is then used to guide the content, marketing messages, and conversations so that it speak directly to the wants and desires of your client. It’s okay to continue to work with clients even though they don’t fit the ideal client profile. Remember, narrowing your focus doesn’t mean that you will turn clients away, as the persona is simply the perfect subset of who you serve, such as a female starting her own business.


STEP 2 Check your profile images

You’ll want to ensure you’re using consistent branding assets, because consistency means reliability for a potential client, make sure your logo is formatted the same, and if you can, try not to use a bunch of different photos as it may look a disorganized. If you’re a web designer and you don’t have properly sized images, what do you think clients are going to assume? Whether you’re posting a holiday picture or a post, your recurring content must use consistent design, reinforcing thus your brand identity by using a fun voice.


STEP 3 Proposals are a critical component to finding clients

Remember: it is important to find RFP opportunities, and there are some popular websites you can use, such as RFPDB, a freebie which gives users the ability to browse a variety of industries and has a pretty robust development section. Businesses often issue RFP, meaning your business can bid on larger projects and earn more visibility if you know where to look.

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