How to create a Website in 2019 – a Strategy

A trend in 2019 will be single page sites, where, instead of clicking to other pages, the user can enjoy video backgrounds. In case you want to redesign you ought to know that it can be a huge success or a blunder, depending on what strategies are followed by your web design agency, which is […]

27th December 2018 admin

Develop a Social Media Plan in 3 Easy Steps

A social media strategy is a summary of what hope to achieve which guides your actions so that every post and like serves a purpose, making the execution better. What doesn’t make us excited is how many businesses don’t have a documented strategy, so with this article you will learn the steps your business must […]

23rd November 2018 admin

The Ultimate Guide for Marketers: 4 Tips

Keep your business ahead of the game and discover how to run more measurable campaigns, because marketing moves at the speed of light and every time you’re brainstorming a new strategy, a new statistic changes everything. Lead generation is like this: with a few smart decisions you can make a killing but you could also […]

4th October 2018 admin

Improve and Find More Clients for Web Design and Social Networks

You have to do the work needed to be discovered, which is why, in this article, we’ll discuss about a portfolio and a full pipeline of prospects. One of the newest trends is chatbots, who provide clients with the information they need. There is a method to the madness, as it can be an excellent […]

3rd September 2018 admin